Performance in Music City

From being a magician at corporate events at the Naples Ritz Carlton to private events at the Marco Island Marriot to our full stage show across Naples, Fort Myers, and cruise ships and events across the country, this year has brought us performing at all sorts of occasions. However, every couple of years, my Alma Mater follows our career and asks us to come and perform our comedy illusion show for the student body.

Now, of course, while I attended college, I didn’t pick my major to be a magician. Who would have thought that with a Pre-Med degree that I would pursue a career as the Naples magician. Well, attending college in Nashville, it really lends itself to getting bit by the entertainment bug. However with everything I learned there from the business classes, to the medical major that has helped me prepare for performing for corporations such as Pfizer and Eli Lilly at their banquets, its great to get the opportunity to reconnect with the teachers, faculty, and the next generation of students and leaders of America.

I spend so much every year on professional video for shows, but sometimes a video taken from an audience member is even better. Here’s a video taken by a student and sent to me that catches some of the comedy monologue and a nice celebrity prediction effect.

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