Comedy Magic Christmas Show in Naples Florida

The Magic of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and that means ‘Tis the season for stage shows! Being a comedy magician this time of the year, is really what it’s all about. Whether we are performing magic at a counrty club or a corporate banquet, people always seem to be in the best of moods. In December alone, we have over 50 shows booked across Naples and Southwest Florida as far down as Key West. This season, we are keeping national travel to a minimum so we are able to perform more in the Sunshine State. Also, up north they have this odd frozen white stuff that falls from the sky. It’s really uncomfortable. If you are still looking for a show this season, give us a call and we would love to work with you!

As many of you know, every year we do a stage show that is open to the public to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank, which we believe is an amazing cause. Many people have emailed us and called us to be able to get tickets to this year’s show. However, this year, due to constraints on the theater and our work schedule, we were not able to find a date to schedule The Magic of Christmas show for this December.

Instead, we are looking at a date in March to have the show. Obviously, we probably will not call the show “The Magic of Christmas”, although the confusing looks people will give may actually make it worth it. In any event, once all the details are fully planned, we will put all the information on our Newsletter, which you can sign up for on the side of the page, and up on the website.

Thanks for the interest, and we are looking forward to a great Magical Holiday season!

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