Naples Magician Joey Evans at the Magic Castle

Naples Magician, Joey Evans, asked to lecture at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA

It was a real treat to be asked to lecture at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. We weren’t sure if we would be able to fit the event into our schedule, but it seemed to work out great. My wife and I were returning from working in Sydney, Australia and had a layover in Los Angelos the day we were asked to perform. So we just made the layover into a couple day trip and we were able to fit everything in.

For you that have never been to the Magic Castle, it’s history is amazing. Coming through it’s doors is a who’s who of not only magicians, but entertainers from all genres. A magic castle in every sense of the word from sliding bookcases to a piano that plays by itself, however, once inside it’s all business. The night we lectured and performed there, we met the man who authored the first magic book I ever purchased, Mark Wilson. It made me realize as my show has evolved and my billing has shifted from magician to comedy magician to some ships and events calling me a “Visual Comedian”, hence dropping the word magician all together. I realized, though, that I will always have an affinity for all things magical. After all, when magic is done right it entertains that one part of your brain that nothing else can.

it’s always different performing and speaking to magicians, but it’s a labor of love. We talked about not only the newest effects in the magic world, but how to focus first and foremost on being an entertainer. This is an aspect that we feel very strongly about and I feel has been lost in so many art forms. It is said, “People will soon forget what you say and what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.” That’s why we are so excited about the new show, “Impossibly Funny!”, because it not only takes magic to a whole new level but comedy and entertainment too. It’s going to be a great and hilarious year.

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